A Protocol and Toolkit for Metasearching

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SDARTS was developed as part of PERSIVAL (an NSF Digital Library Initiative--Phase 2 project) at the Computer Science Department of Columbia University.

SDARTS is a hybrid of two previously existing protocols, STARTS and SDLIP. SDARTS is essentially an instantiation of the SDLIP protocol with a richer set of metadata, which can be effectively used for building sophisticated metasearchers. SDARTS makes a wide variety of collections with heterogeneous interfaces accessible under one uniform interface.

The SDARTS toolkit provides ready-to-use, configurable wrappers. They can be used directly for wrapping locally available  text and XML collections, and for wrapping web-accessible databases.

The SDARTS toolkit also contains two optional sets of applications: The OAI SDARTS Cooperative Suite, which can makes SDARTS OAI-compliant and enables SDARTS to access OAI-compliant collections. We provide the SDARTS Automatic Content Summary Extraction for remote web databases, which extracts statistics about the vocabulary and the word frequencies of web databases over which SDARTS does not have immediate access.