SDARTS Client with Collection Selection v1.0 Installation Instructions
-- 2002/06/22

by Jiangcheng Bao (


The SDARTS Client is packaged as a WAR (Web Application Archive) file, which can be deployed under any servlet engine. We will take Tomcat and JRun as example.

To install the sdarts client under tomcat, copy the war file into the $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps directory. When tomcat is started, it automatically unpacks the WAR and creates the application, with the application's name (and context path) being the name of the WAR. And then you modify $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml to inlcude this newly deployed client.

To install the sdarts client under jrun (assuming JRun is installed with $JRUN_HOME as the root directory for jrun)

  1. create a directory named smartclient under <$JRUN_HOME/servers>, for example, smartclient, and then create a directory default-app.
  2. copy the war file into default-app directory, uncompressed the war file.
  3. copy the file to $JRUN_HOME/servers/smartclient/, modify to reflect your actual path on your server.
  4. modify <$JRUN_HOME>/lib/ to include this new server

Another way to install an new Jrun web application server is to use the JRun web administration interface.


start a jrun server (eg, name: smartclient)

<$JRUN_HOME>/bin/jrun -start smartclient

and view the application via a web browser